My new LV goodies and collection pics!

  1. Well after agonizing for weeks over what to get, and with the help of a few guys on here, I took myself along to the Birmingham (UK) boutique for a little shopping on Saturday.

    I've been waiting for weeks to go to the Birmingham store, as I really am not a fan of the Manchester concession. And it was worth the wait! Amazing service compared to Manchester! My SA, Hannah, was amazing and was so patient! I literally spent half the day in the store deciding on which bag to get. She was attentive and really just amazing! So anyone shopping in the area head for her! Though everyone in the store was great tbh.

    My 'collection' is probably the smallest I have seen on this site!But I am very proud of it!I am 19, full time student, receive no income support from parents etc, am totally 100% self reliant. So I work long and hard for these and I deserve them!(Even if I say so myself!)

    Well enough boring you, here are the picies from my fun day of shopping!

    (And I know I am APPALLING at taking photos, so I apologise!)
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Excited!!!!!
  3. what is it Im dying to see lol
  4. What is it
  5. something multicolor??????????
  6. show me...:p
  7. I hope you got the keepall afterall!
  8. Unleashing my new...Damier Olav PM

    And a very strangely wrapped final piece...
    4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  9. Yes...It looks like a Keepalll!! Can't wait to see
  10. Wheres the OTHER stuff, come oooooooonnnn- man...
  11. Well I am tres annoyed really with the creases tbh!

    I thought long and hard about them in the store and examined a couple of the keepalls. The SA (not my usual, she was busy at the time), explained that the items came flat and that is how they stored them (which I knew). I said I wanted the creases to come out for when I use it and could I have a large dust bag to keep it in when I stuff it with a pillow. She said that they dont carry the large dustbags and that it is recommended that you keep it flat, in the smaller dustbag when not in use. How then, am I supposed to get the creases out!?!As you can see they are bad!!She showed my the display model and a few speedys, which she said the creases had come out of,but they have been stuffed and kept that way for months!

    I really need your opinion, to keep it flat, in its dust bag. Or let it free and stuff it with a pillow. I won't often use it (it's a long term investment!), maybe once a month, so I don't want it gathering dust when not in use. But I REALLY want them damn creases out!

    Also she said they don't carry boxes big enough for it?TRUE??
    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  12. OMG, I love the shiney gold hardwear.:tup:
  13. The 2 bags is it for what I got...though I had quite a hall. I got an extra box from my bag I brought months ago but they had no boxes in, so my SA Hannah kindly gave me another. And the smaller bag was the name tag for the keepall. I got bumped to the top of the list for hot pressing my initials as they realised I especially came down for the weekend to shop at their store rather than Manchester, how sweet!
  14. Love both! Congrats!
  15. And collection pic. Again it isn't huge but I am so proud of it! I don't think they it would feel as good getting them if I was simply given the money or that it came easy to me!