My new LV came stained!

  1. As you know, I returned my Speedy 30 to ELux at the beginning of January, and exchanged it for a Speedy 35. Well the box arrived today, and I was very excited. I immediately noticed that there was no plastic on the handles, but I said to myself that I honestly don't care if I receive a return, as long as it is in perfect condition. Upon closer inspection, however, I saw that there was a strange bluish gray tint on the handles, that there was blue color transfer on the leather piping, as if someone had worn the bag with jeans, and the padlock is tarnished!:crybaby: I have waited so long, but I know I have to send it back, this time with two day delivery (even though it means more money out of pocket), and when my credit comes to me, I will go to the LV Boutique to buy my new Speedy 35. The good news is that the size was very good for me.

    I really dread having to feel like a pest returning a bag twice, but I can't stand paying full retail for a bag that should not have been accepted as a return. It is obvious that the person used that bag a few times and then returned it.:cursing:
  2. dont feel bad or like a pest, LV's arent cheap you know! If i am spending that amount of money on a bag I expect it to be PERFECT... hell, i have returned a $20 item before if it was crap.
    you poor love, it will get sorted dont worry. I would be gutted too.
  3. Eeek.. sorry this happened to ya...
  4. Well I called ELux, and the customer service rep was very sweet. She apologized, and told me she would have them look at the bag, to take it out of commission, and that she was sending a pre-paid label to me so I will not have to pay shipping to return it. The funny thing is that I still feel guilty about taking my business from them, but the same company owns the boutiques, so they will get the business either way. I will have to be brave and go into the LV Boutique.:sweatdrop:
  5. I am sorry that happen to you.
  6. I'm sorry that happened to you...but for the money the bag should be perfect!
  8. you did the right thing, I would have done the same thing.
  9. You know, I thought about it over dinner, and maybe it is a blessing in disguise. My notions about what is acceptable to spend on a handbag has changed since discovering LV, and while I will definitely look at the Speedy 35 at the boutique, I may increase my budget and look at some other bags too.:graucho:
  10. You deserve to get a perfect handbag. Don't feel bad for returning it.
  11. boo for the fact that you gotta wait longer to carry your bag but at least you'll get the boutique experience and now you know that the size is perfect for you!
  12. It's better to look at your beautiful, brand new bag when you get one than to keep something that's not 100% up to your standards (or anyone else's, really). You're doing the right thing, and ELux realizes it, or else they wouldn't be paying for your shipping.
  13. sorry for what happened
  14. aw that stinks!!! nothing worse then waiting excitedly for something and it not being what you expect! glad you're sending it back and getting it from the store!
  15. I'm glad you can return it. Now you will have fun going to the boutique!