My new LV Bowling Montaigne PM in Epi Ivoire

  1. Just added this to my collection 3 days ago.. saw it in the store and had to get it right away...I luv the ivory epi and thought it would would be nice for spring. I couldn't find much online about it until I found tPF! I'm looking forward to sharing my love of LV stuff with everyone here!:love:
    IMG_2383-2.jpg bowlingside.gif
  2. Love it!! It's super cute!! I love epi & the ivoire is soooo tempting!!

    Welcome to tPF!! :heart:
  3. Congrats! It's gorgeous!:love: I almost bought one as well (last Saturday in NY) but decided to wait as all they had left was the display (I wanted a fresh one!). Ok..that and because hubby was w/ me giving me the evil eye LOL!!!:rolleyes:
  4. welcome and congrats on your gorgeous bag. enjoy it!
  5. Welcome to tPF. Hope to see your collection soon. :smile:
  6. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  7. *GASP* She is soo beautiful!
  8. Congrats!! I love it!
  9. wow so gorgeous, love it.
  10. I know how that feels:s I get that ALL the time!
  11. These new Epi bags are gorgeous! Im am so jealous!!!! Congrats!
  12. awwwwww *hug*
  13. ^^thanks:shame:
  14. it's beautiful. congrats!
  15. very pretty, congrats!!