My new LV ads!!! Lots of Pics!! LOOK!!!

  1. HI,

    I was a bit bored today and decided why not create my own LV ads for fun! So here they are. I want to see how creative everybody else can get too. Lets do this, time to mix art with LV!!! Graffiti is my LV passion so lots of pics. The speedy is not mine but the rest is all mine muhhaahaa!!!:yes:
    Vuitton ad 1.JPG vuitton ad 2.JPG pic req.jpg pic req 2.jpg
  2. stunning.
  3. I love the graffiti keepall.
  4. beautiful!
  5. OMG, SO beautiful!!!
  6. Very nice!!
  7. lol did you happen to have a little inspiration :p;)
  8. I bet that trunk cost you a pretty penny! Nice pics!
  9. So creative LVlover30! Beautiful.
  10. :nuts::drool::drool: Thanks for the "ads"!!!!:tup:
  11. this could actually turn out to be a fun thread like "the day in a life" thread I hope other's join in
  12. Oh Wow .. what a stunning and fun idea!!!
    I don't have anything quite as amazing as your graffiti collection but will see if I can't dream a little something up!
  13. Oh wow, thanks for sharing!!!!
  14. this looks fun, I am racking my brain right now for my ADS
  15. Mouth watering!