My New LV Additions

  1. My wonderful hubby just came back from Paris with these for me. I love my new cles and jewellery!!! :yahoo:
    P1000821.JPG P1000818.JPG LV.jpg
  2. Congrat's... Awesome purchases :smile: enjoy!
  3. ooh very nice. so did he have a hard time with vat? i know you and i talked about buying in paris...
  4. Lovely! Sweet of your hubby to get these for you! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! Everything is beautiful!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. congrats! love all the inclusion!
  8. beautiful, congrats!
  9. You're so lucky:love: Everything's beautiful!!
  10. Love the Inclusion set u have!
  11. Lucky gal! Enjoy them all they are fabulous!
  12. yeah he didn't bother to wait in line coz the queue was super long. i think that none of the crew went either. but overall it was still cheaper.
  13. thanks y'all for looking!!!! yes i can't wait to use them.
  14. thank you for the update!

    what a lucky girl you are!
  15. congrats!:biggrin: