My new LV 40... my new avatar..

  1. ok, i got a little obsessed with jessica and wnet out and bought a 40. it's huge and i love it! whadda ya think?:smile:
  2. How do you like the 40? Will you use it as a purse or for travel? I love huge bags! Oh yes, your avatar! It's dark, I can't see you or your bag. Different lighting?
  3. hello! yeah love the new bag! :love: (always do!!!!) use for both or whenever.... i usually cahnge bags daily.... depends on what i'm wearing... and yeah the picture- too dark? yeah i suck at pictures! trying to post my other new purchases and just not working out.:cry:
  4. I just received my Speedy 30 in the mail. I was surprised at how small it is. I knew the dimensions but somehow super-sized it in my mind. What do you think about the 40? Do you carry alot of stuff?
  5. can u post another pic? its hard to see
  6. Bonsoir, I agree with you, the S 30 is not really big, in fact the problem is the opening which not large enough. So I bought the 35.
  7. I think it's big and beautiful and looks great on you! ;)
  8. Love it! The 40 is a great size. Good for travel too. V
  9. I think I'm going to get a 35 or 40. I wouldn't call myself petite so I don't think it'll look funny. Actually, I think I like bigger bags, plain and simple! Suzie, post another picture.
  10. can u post the larger picture from your avatar!! i am anxious to see how the 40 looks as an everyday bag.
  11. I love the 40! I have the 40 and 35 and love them both. My first love is the 40 of course.
  12. :love: :love: :love: i think your new Speedy looks great!!!
  13. Congrats on your purchase !

    How are you finding the size ? It doesn't seem like the 40 is all that common.
  14. wow..i like yours, I just bought the 30, I might need something bigger...
  15. same here! I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I just recieved my 30 as a matter of fact (here at work, so I'm incognito) After talking to some of the girls here I had decided on the 35, then I went to the boutique and got intimidated by it, I thought it would work better as a travel bag and not an every day bag, so I opted for the 30, but I got it today and it looks really small in the box. I'll wait til my co-workers leave to thoroughly inspect it. I dunno, right now I'm feeling like I should have gotten the 35 like I originally planned.
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