My new Luxury Denim Multipocket Tote! Pics!

  1. Well, it's taken far too long for me to formally introduce her to you guys, but anyway, here is my much wanted Luxury ligne denim multipocket tote that I snagged at NM during the pre-sale!

    You guys, I love her so much! I LOVE the metallic gold stitching, even though I'm not a fan of metallic gold. It looks gorgeous against the denim. This bag is so, so roomy with lots of pockets inside and out! At first I was drooling over the denim cabas, but when I saw this bag, I knew I had to get it. I love it so much more than the denim cabas!

    Here she is!
    IMG_2308.JPG IMG_2309.JPG IMG_2310.JPG IMG_2311.JPG IMG_2313.JPG
  2. And here are a couple of modeling pics:
    IMG_2305.JPG IMG_2298.JPG
  3. love it love it love it...
    now you got me thinking about the denim bag again..

    ps- got that same necklace/belt- and i am going to wear it tomorrow- because of you..
    love the dress, shape hair and all !!!
    gorgeous just gorgeous
  4. remind me of that price you paid presale
  5. I've always kinda dug this bag:yes

    Don't hate me for saying this, but it could be a great diaper bag! As a Mommy I always judge bags by their practical-ness, sorry!:shame:

  6. Thank you for the sweet compliments! I love that necklace/belt too. I wear a lot of black, too and when I was trying to decide between the white and black, that one just seemed like it would be the best choice. I love that piece!

    I paid $1,105.00 at the pre-sale before taxes for the tote. I think originally it was $1,575.00. I think it was a great buy and I would have paid the original price for it, even though it kind of stings, especially for denim. But it's such a great, functional casual bag!

  7. I'm a mom too! Although my son is going to be 12. (YIKES! Reading that again makes me feel so old!) This really would make a great diaper bag. And it's so super practical and makes it so easy to keep organized! The outer pockets have magnetic snaps so it's a lot easier to get into and out of than the reporter. And the pockets are VERY roomy!
  8. Lovely, congrats! She's beautiful on you!
  9. What a cute bag! I don't recall ever seeing it. Congrats on a great deal, it looks fantastic on you!
  10. Wow, congrats on that bag AND at a great deal! Looks great on you.
  11. Very cool! Congrats!
  12. YAY YOU GOT IT!! awesome bag!!!!

    and you have an amazing figure!! i wouldve never guessed that you had any kids!
  13. Bag looks great on you-
  14. Nice tote! Congrats.
  15. Very nice, and you wear it well!!! Congrats.