My New Lux Chanel Tote Is Here!!!!!

  1. OK- I almost ran over the Fedex guy trying to grab my package!!!Here are the pics...wish me luck...first time doing this w/o my daughters help!!!!
    IMG_0603.jpg IMG_0604.jpg IMG_0602.jpg
  2. Jill, that is stunning. It looks really good on your shoulder too.

    I love the straps, and the leather is gorgeous, even in photos. It looks so roomy, too!
  3. Jill,it is stunning. Is that the small size or the large size?:idea:
  4. Congrats! That is so gorgeous!
  5. how much?? very nice.
  6. That is the large tote..or so it says on the was 2285.00...gulp!!But I got a 300 GC from technically its less!
  7. OMG that's beautiful, love the interior leather color. Which size is this tote?
  8. that is GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Gorgeous! I love how it zips on top too!
  10. Nice!!! :biggrin:
  11. It's beautiful! What is the dimension?
  12. congrats, Jill! it's beautiful :nuts:
  13. Thanks guys-the size is very similiar to my Ligne Cambon Flap tote..Thats why I like it so much.....See what happens when your hubby goes away on a business trip????!!hee!hee!I may have to hide this or act like its old.....
  14. Your new bag is gorgeous :love::love::love:
  15. LOL...Jill, i think i'm worse. i just wait till hubby goes to WORK :lol:
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