My New Luva!!!!!

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  1. Lookey what the nice fedex man gave me this morning!!!! I got this baby in 2 days, all the way from France!!! I was so excited I just had to share her w/ everyone! Special thanks to Peanutbabycakes for uniting me w/ her through a reseller!!! This IS a total impulse buy!!! When I saw her, I had to have her!!!! She had to be MINE!!! This is not love at all, it is TOTAL lust!!!

    She is a 32cm retourne Rouge H Vintage Box Kelly w/ G hardware from the 1960's!! This baby is PERFECT and in immaculate condition! She's got that lovely patina that everybody talks about w/ box, but I've never gotten to see IRL before!! I'm just NUTSO over her!!!:yahoo::yahoo::nuts::nuts::love::love::heart::drool:

    Vintage Kelly 001-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 008-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 002-edit.jpg
  2. Some more pics of Luva! :love::love::love::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Vintage Kelly 003-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 004-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 005-edit.jpg
  3. Great bag, congrats on the buy!
  4. Just 2 more, I promise!!! She loves to be photographed!!:cutesy::cutesy::blush::blush::drinkup: Now I can grope both of my luvas together at once!!:angel:
    Vintage Kelly 006-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 007-edit.jpg
  5. WHOOHOOOOO!!!! am i the best enabler or what?? i think u need to get a matching red belt for that new jacket u got yesterday!!!! :yes: :yes: yea baby! i think it's that time again to....SHOP WITH PEANUTBABYCAKES!!!!
  6. That's a GORGEOUS!! vintage H lady you got there, MovieG!!!!:yahoo: Yummy, Rouge H Box!!:drool: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  7. What :nuts: a beatutiful bag:girlsigh: :tender: CONGRATULATIONS:yahoo:
  8. Congrats! She's a beauty
  9. Did you get her from authentic-lady? I was eyeing her up. That was a great buy!!!!
  10. Congrats!!! :flowers:
  11. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  12. What a beautiful color. And looks fantastic for being for being vintage.

    Congrats :smile:
  13. Japster, Yea Peanutbabycakes said I had to have a box kelly after she bought her box birkin and found her for me on eBay last week. I couldn't wait, I had to have her, so I nervously clicked the BIN box! i think she has like another blue box kelly up for grabs. :idea::love:
  14. Wow, it is beautiful! Congrats on another fabulous H bag!!!
  15. OMG, that kelly is TDF! congratulations, moviegirl!

    i need a box kelly/birkin NOW!!!!!!
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