My New Loves!

  1. Just got back from BV. I got some new black loafers, and a green frog coin purse. I love the coin purse sooo much, and the color is perfect for the frog!!! Plus it was only $90!!!:tup:
  2. Nice haul! And the froggie is adorable!
  3. awww love the froggy:love:!! is it new or has it been around?
  4. Is the frog from a BV outlet? $90 is a steal on those; retail they are $190 I think. He's so cute and perfect in green. I love your shoes too, but the animal coin purses are a favorite of mine.
  5. Love those loafers. Are they calf leather?
  6. hehe... great finds!
  7. Great finds, congrats.
    The coin purse is adorable.
  8. Such a cute frog.
  9. nice shoes - congrats on your haul
  10. Nice shoes! Are these the loafers that can be rolled up to be stored. Or don`t these come anymore?

    And really love the frog!
  11. Adorable frog :heart:
  12. Beautiful shoes, and I bet they're comfy, too! The frog coin purse is adorable. I've yet to see BV's coin purses in person.
  13. your shoes is FABULOUS! love the green frog too
  14. That coin purse is SO adorable! You inspired me to order the very last fish in green (a little darker than the frog)! Can't wait to receive it -- will post pics too!
  15. You know your BV, C_24! Those loafers can be rolled up and tied with a lace. Very soft.

    ms piggy - I think the leather is deer skin.

    Congrats, vuitton! Good buys! The green frog is adorable.