My new loves - Quilted Tote & Wristlet in Camel - Check it out!!!!!!

  1. Check out what I got for Mother's Day! Perfect color for the summer!

    Camel Quilted tote:love:

    Camel wristlet:love::love:

  2. Both are so pretty! :smile:
  3. Oh Wow! Those are soooo nice!! Congrats!!! Love the little wristlet.
  4. Fabulous!! What a great bag! Congrats.
  5. Pretty!!! Nice presents - I hope you had a happy Mother's Day.:smile:
  6. Both are super cute! Happy Mother's Day!
  7. what a good Mothers day gift!
  8. Hey Happy Mothers Day!! Love those!!!...That wristlet is perfect!! Congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. So pretty!
  11. Wow what a lucky mom, your family has great taste!
  12. How sweet! Congrats!!
  13. So cute! Your family knows you well I see! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! I love the tote! enjoy!
  15. Thanks everyone.

    Been using the tote EVERYDAY and I LOVE it! Fits papers/folders/crap and it stands by itself!

    Definitely recommend the tote. If it ever comes out in red, I WANT ONE!!!!