my new lovelies

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  1. went to the outlet a few days ago and yes i've been lazy so i'm just now posting.
    here they are

    oh and i got this from ebay
  2. I like the berry wristlet and the mini skinny. I bet you got a great deal on the Carly. Looks like you had a good outlet shopping trip!
  3. Nice haul!! :tup:

    I can't wait for the madison accessories to come to my outlets!!
  4. Cute new things! How much was the Carly?
  5. It amazes me how many outlets have the berry wristlet considering it was sold out as Jax. When I called around too look for one it took me 15 stores or so until I found a store with it in stock.
  6. My friend has the same Signature Plum Leather Carly ... She LOVES it ... :smile:
  7. Wow. How much was the Carly? My sister's bday is coming up and she'd love one.
  8. OK Bag Lady and jeh3v:
    carly was 40% off of factory price $329, came to $197

    unless they had more in the back i didn't see many berry ones, maybe 3 or 4 at the most...but i'm glad you found yours.