My new love..

  1. Such a cutie! :love:
  2. Very pretty, congrats and o you haha on the extra 10% ;)
  3. What a lovely pressie ;)
  4. Bags twins love it :smile:
  5. That's such a cute colour! Love it! Enjoy using her. I'm the same about patent but you're right about the crinkled patent, it makes such an interesting texture....I will be paying more attention to crinkled patent now!
  6. Beautiful! I love patent leather. Anyway, may I ask how did you clean the dirty marks? I have a dirt mark which looks like ink but its not really noticable on my Bays. I try wipe it off using wet tissue but doesnt work. TIA. and enjoy ur new purchase.;)
  7. Hi, the SA used the colonil rubber gum. I intercepted half way through to negotiate my extra 10% discount! Then just rubbed the marks off with my finger. I think they were just ingrained dust marks though. Nothing severe.
  8. beautiful one!
  9. Lovely sbs in plaster pink. Hadn't seen it in this colour before, it's gorgeous, congrats! :smile:
  10. Ooh how gorgeous I love the plaster pink but didn't know there was a plaster pink version

    I shop online and never knew she existed or I would have moved heaven & earth to find her

    I adore the plaster pink but feel the Bayswater was too much and not shiny, the Lily.....gorgeous but too small and I have too many Alexas. This variation would have been perfect

    She is FABULOUS but I have spent all my pennies now:graucho:

    Where did you get her
  11. That's beautiful, haven't seen one IRL, was it even on the M website? Didnt know they did the SBS in PP!
  12. I got her from fenwicks in York. It was the last one but they may have in another store. Ive just got a slight colour transfer on the back of it from my jeans! Don't know what to do in case I make it worse!
  13. Lovely!! Love the rose gold hardware!
  14. Thankyou. I hadn't seen it before either.
  15. I check the website regularly and have never seen it on there. How strange that Mulberry made such a gorgeous bag and it passed us by.

    How can we have missed it?

    I would have bought one for sure.................even at full price