My new LOVE

  1. That is very nice. I don't have that bag, but I do have a very nice Elliott Lucca. Jennifer Garner carries them.
  2. I don't have it but it looks so nice.
  3. I love it in Black.
  4. Love Elliott Lucca bags. Great quality and not too expensive!
  5. I have this bag and absolutely love it. It's very slouchy especially when you pull the drawstrings.

    Was contemplating buying a second one, but not sure how I feel about having two bags of the same style.

    The quality is great for the price also.
  6. beige is definitely better than the black imo! i've heard good things about elliott lucca!
  7. The beige looks really good.
  8. beige is nicer, IMO.
  9. super cute, i agree go for beige. i've seen EL at marshalls, off fifth, and loehmanns. this is risky, but you might want to wait it out and see if it goes on sale. you are on a purse ban..
  10. that's gorgeous! get it!
  11. I like it! It looks casual but also fancy at the same time.