my new love

  1. I just bought my first louis last night! A Damier Speedy 30! :heart::heart::heart::heart:swoon:heart::heart::heart::heart:

    Couple of Q's to the experts - where can I find the date code on it??? Also, ive been playing with it all day and no matter how little or even nothing I put in it, there is NO sag! Not that I want any sag but I was just wondering, is this because its new??? will it soften up and start to sag????

    thanks in advance guys xx
  2. congrats!!!!!!!! check inside the pocket - that's where the datecode is on my 25, on a little leather tab inside. and it usually sags when you only put a few things in it; in my experience, the more you fill it, the less it sags. congrats again!
  3. congrats! can't wait to see pics!!!
  4. i just bought one last night too! but mine's in the mail, so i have to wait... boo.

    do you have any pics to tide me over?
  5. OK - im starting to freak out a little.... there is no leather tab on inside pocket!

    Its 1000% authentic......bought from LV boutique in Brown Thomas Dept store in dublin....... :sweatdrop::confused1:

    Thanks for the congrats...ill see if i can dig out digi camera.....
  6. Congrats! It's a great first choice! Lift the pocket and you'll see the date code is on one of the tab.
  7. congrats on your speedy!!! :smile:
  8. PHEW!!!! Found it! :yahoo: The sun is going down at the mo so i had to turn on the lights...... its DU5017

    Can anyone break that down for me??? Sorry for all the Q's. Im just so darn excited!!!!
  9. Congrats!!
    51st. week of 2007
  10. Congrats and enjoy!!
  11. Congrats, have fun with it.
  12. Aw, my poor baby was sitting in that dark drawer (horribly folded up i might add) for the last few weeks waiting for me to make the desision!!!! :smile:

    Thanks for all the advice....... logging off now! Hitting the town for my friends b'day! Dear god, cross your fingers that no one spills wine/beer/spirts on it!!! :sweatdrop:
  13. congrats, that's a great bag ... one of my favorite Speedy's!
  14. Congrats, such a great bag!! Great choice!
  15. Congrats!!