My New Love~

  1. Ok - so my camera is still on the fritz .. but hopefully I will have that fixed by the weekend. I went yesterday and got the black Sloane that I had posted about in the authenticate thread and I am in LOVE~ :love:

    I mean, I thought my Sienna was beautiful but the Sloane .. I LOVE IT! The size, how it feels on my arm (though a tad heavy), the wonderful smell, the soft soft lining inside...... I can go on and on .. but I'm sure you all don't wanna hear it.

    :yahoo: This will be my everyday bag - now I don't have to sit around worrying about ONE speck of dirt hitting that white Sienna all the time .. I'll use her for special occasions or once the weather gets better but NOT at work ..

    I :heart: Sloanes -

    My hubby caught me sniffing the leather last nite .. :shocked: He just looked and said .. I AM NOT GOING TO EVEN ASK ... and walked out as fast as he could. I must have looked insane .. really.

    I can't wait to post pics of them both ....

    You all ever get a purse and just totally fall in love? This one pushed all the right buttons for me ...
  2. So happy you fell in love with your Sloane!!

    I've been like this several times with bags, can't stop touching and smelling...glad you found your everyday bag, PA!
  3. Ok, I've been thinking about a black or slate Sloane and now you really got me wanting one!:p I just got the black Lucy I've been wanting so badly ( have to talk the seller into sending it to my work place so my husband doesn't know:lol: He doesn't get my Kooba love either! I really don't need to be craving another Kooba but what is it about Koobas? I can't help myself!!:yahoo:
  4. Yay for you!! I had a Sloane in Bark for about 2 seconds last year and sold it without having carried it. I'm glad it's rocking your world! Can't wait to see your pics.

    And yes, I totally understand the hubby thinks I'm nutty too. I've also been known to sniff my Koobas at stop lights when the warmth of the sun hitting the car seems to bring out the leather scent even more.

    Bag love is fabulous, isn't it??? :yahoo:
  5. Glad you love it! I think the Sloane is gorgeous. Can't wait for your pictures!
  6. Congrats! I have a Sloane in black, too, and it is a great every day bag. It is a bit on the heavier side, but you'll get used to it! I just carried mine for the first time last week so that's what I'm hoping at least! Glad that you love it! That is a great feeling to get something you've been wanting and to absolutely LOVE it! :girlsigh:
  7. Isnt it wonderful when you get a bag that you love so much and you know it is the one. I usually know as soon as take it out of the box. If I have to wait a few days to see if I like it, most the time it isnt a keeper. And yes I think we are all guilty of sniffing our bags.:yahoo: