My new love!!!!!

  1. What could it be???? (clue: not a flap) :yahoo:


    Haven't even really gotten to enjoy my Suhali yet but went into Chanel today and fell in love :heart:
  2. Please show us now!!!!!!
  3. I like the Le Fab!!!! :tup:

    Now what's in the shopping bag???:confused1:
  4. we get any hints? like 3 questions?

    1. Is it from the pre-fall collection
    2. Is it patent or leather?
    3. Is it a tote of some sort?
  5. Not fair - show us please......pretty please!!!:cutesy:
  6. enough with the strip tease.......what's in that black bag:smile:

    Love the LV too!
  7. Sure;)

    1. F/W collection, it was actually in a trunk show going on right now.

    2. Caviar leather

    3. I guess it could be considered a tote, are you on to it? :graucho:
  8. This is like Christmas and I always what's in the tell....
  9. Can someone please post the smiley eating popcorn and drinking a soda??????
  10. Yes, Can we have a drum roll please..........
  11. We need to know!
  12. Here she is!


    And here she is with her LV cousin that also arrived this week :nuts:

  13. Very beautiful !!!! Both are are a lucky lady - enjoy them. :tup: Congrats x 2 !!!!:yahoo:
  14. omg. i totally was thinking that! (LOL) but i was like nooo, those bags aren't in yet! But boy was i wrong!

    HOTTTT bag!!! Congrats Berlyn!
  15. Worth the wait....congrats!!