My new love!!!!

  1. I LOVE this bag...where has it been all my life?
    pics 154.jpg
  2. its a beauty.
  3. :nuts:Oh, it is gorgeous! :heart:
  4. wow - you received it!:yahoo:

    congrats! she's a beauty~ and the perfect color for spring~!
  5. Enjoy!! :party:
  6. I love her too, sunshine! Beauuuutiful!
  7. Stunning! Love it ^^
  8. It is beautiful I hope you enjoy it I know I would.
  9. she's hot!
  10. Congrats Sunshine!

    Great bag for spring/summer.
  11. Oh sweetie! Its gorgeous!! LOVE IT!!!! Congrats, you are gonna look fly with that!!!
  12. Absolutely stunning, congrats!
  13. Pretty bag. Congrats!
  14. That's a beauty!! Modeling pics! Dying to see that on!!
  15. :love: :love: :drool: Pretty!! I love that cabas... I am trying to get a white one from NM. We will see. PLease post some modeling pics. yay