My new love: Prada Saffiano 2274

  1. Thank you! It all depends on your height and build.. I'm quite petite so it suits me perfectly :smile:
  2. Hi vickitaa92! Congrats on bn2274! I've exactly the same one! Absolutely adore it. I was wondering if your handle felt funny/odd, how one handle is smooth and the other one felt uneven. I felt that on mine so I've to get it check with my SA, I was thinking whether you had the same problem bc from image I can see the right side have abit wave handle images could be the reflection.. Thanks! Enjoy ur blossom bag!
  3. Hi! Thank you :smile: I haven't actually noticed anything on the handles, but as you may have seen in my other thread, my handles have started to peel off a little bit. I've sent it to Italy to be repaired, so I can let you know how my handles look like when I get it back. I think if your aren't truly satisfied with the bag for the price you paid, you really should talk about it with your SA.
  4. Oh yeh.. I think I've spoken to you.. How long are they going to take. I'm going to take my baby to the boutique tomorrow.
  5. Hi!! Just received my 2274 papaya today after 2.5 months wait! My handles are smooth but I do notice some dents on my bag though. I'm trying to ignore it since I love the color so much and they've already discontinued the color so I don't think it's possible to replace mine with the same color.

    Other than the dent, I'm loving my bag so far!
  6. Congrats! Bn2274 is gorgeous isn't it!! Yeh I know what you mean... I'm trying to ignore my handle but it gets to me, that's just cause I'm pedantic lol I'm going to my boutique as my SA would like to have a look at it whether it's defect or not. If it's normal then I am happy to keep it. If it's a last one like yours then I would keep it and enjoy it :smile:
  7. Yes! I really don't know.. Hopefully it won't take too long..
  8. Your purse is beautiful! I am thinking of buying the same one. I was wondering, how hard is it to maintain this light color? Do you find you have to be extra careful? I love the cameo, but not sure if I should just get basic black. I want to use the bag every day and not be worried. However, I hear that the saffiano leather is really durable. Can you let me know your thoughts?
  9. Thank you! I really don't know since I've just had it for about a week.. but I've heard that it shouldn't be a problem because it's easy to just wipe off. I would say that black is the safest choice if you are worried, but the cammeo is just so lovely! :smile:
  10. I agree, the cameo is sooo lovely. I want a spring summer bag and the color is perfect. I think I will do a little more research and take the plunge. Saffiano seems to be a pretty durable leather...
    If anything changes please post for us!
  11. cammeo is beautiful. The tote looks great on you
  12. gorgeous! :heart:
  13. This colour is gorgeous and it looks like it will be easy to wear with many outfits. The size looks right on you as well. Good choice!
  14. love the bag. Would this bag loose its structure in the long run, im new to Prada =)
  15. I think it will loose its structure a little bit.. I have noticed that the bottom is already starting to sagging..