My new love: Prada Saffiano 2274

  1. Hi ladies & gents!

    After drooling over this bag for a very long time, I finally decided to buy it.

    The journey to buy this bag have been so long. There is so many decisions to make: with zippers, or without zippers? which color? which model? where to buy it?

    I've had such a hard time to figure out which one is perfect for me, so I started to choose if I was going to buy the model with zippers or without. Personally I love the structure the bag has with zippers, it reminds me of the Hermes Birkin. The reason why I didn't buy the one withouth zippers is because it looks so unstructured and I don't like that at all.

    The color choice was kind of easy, I knew that I wanted a light, quite neutral colored bag. I wanted this bag in Sabbia (sand) first, but it was only avaible in the bigger sizes so I choosed the one in Cammeo. And I don't regret my color choice!

    The hardest thing was to choose which model I was going to buy. I tried to decide between 1801, 2274 and 1876. Since I haven't a PRADA store in my country and couldn't try them out, I relied in modeling pictures and compared to other bags I have. After weeks of thinking, I decided to buy the 2274 because I wanted a quite big bag which is quite functional.

    Sorry for my novel, hehe. Isn't she beautiful?
    DSC06218.JPG Namnlös.png da.png 1.png
  2. gorgeous.
  3. Just lovely. What an elegant choice.
    Sounds as though you made the perfect decision!
  4. What a beautiful bag! Great choice! Will we get to see modeling pictures?
  5. woooow, beautiful color!!!! this style is classic. you are so lucky...i really want this in cobalt but too bad my wallet is allergic to it :p
  6. I am in LOVE with this bag! Too bad it's wayyyyyy over my budget. Enjoy her!
  7. Beautiful !!!! Such an elegant Bag! :love:
    Modelling pics please :smile:
    I saw a similar one in Munich but without the zipper. The zipper makes it perfect.
  8. Thank you! Yeah, tonight :smile:
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    Yeah, agree! The zippers makes the bag so much more elegant :smile: Modeling pics will be up later :biggrin:
  10. Nice bag! I almost fainted over the pavement pic! But I guess the saffiano will hold up just fine!
  11. Hehe, oops. I just saw that I make a tread in the wrong category :p
  12. I think it will hold up just fine too! It was necessery to get the best lighting hehe :p
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    Here is some modeling pictures.. I'm 5'1 (156 cm) if someone is intrested. :p
    Sorry for my horrible face.. the camera and I weren't best friends today :smile:
    DSC06241.JPG DSC06266.JPG
  14. In my opinion, BEST PRADA BAG EVER MADE!! I LOVE IT!! You look gorgeous with it! It fits your beautiful figure perfectly!!