My "New Love" pays me a visit.........

  1. .....well not really. its not with me right now (its back home with the family), but i've received photos of the new bag that i'll definitely be carrying when i next go home!!! :yahoo:

    here she is, girls, the mademoiselle classic flap in chocolate! thanks for everyone's help with my poll a while back, all your opinions pushed me in the right direction ;)

    i :heart: this bag, it looks so different, yet classic at the same time, and the colour is exactly what i needed to complete my humble chanel collection (for the time being).
    thanks for letting me share my new baby with you girls:love: (and thanks to the wonderful PFers who helped me out with my questions)

    here she is:
  2. wow! hot bag!! i love how chanel re-invents the classic flap! love the color!
  3. love it- love the color- that rich chocolate
  4. oooooo... very chic and cute! the color is so rich and the leather is very lush! congrats!! do post pics when you get it IRL so we can see how cute it is on you! :smile:
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! holy crap, i would go home NOW if I had a beauty like that waiting for me!!
  6. :love::love::love:
  7. Congrats Nightshade. =)
  8. Lovely bag
  9. Beautiful
    Congrats ! :heart:
  10. What a gorgeous color! Post pix when it's in your posession...
  11. what a stunner she is! :drool: :love: excited for you!
  12. congrats!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. That bag is beautiful!:tender: Congratulations! :nuts:
  15. Congrats, its beautiful!!