My New Love~ HH Nico!

  1. Hi all!

    :heart: Just sharing my new love!:heart: It's the Hayden Harnet Nico bag in Black! I exchanged the luggage color for this black! I am so happy with it! I LOVE it!:love: My camera is off but it feels like black satin! Total YUM! Can't wait to buy more HH bags in the future!!!!
    DSC01656.JPG DSC01658.JPG
  2. It's so wonderful!! :heart:
  3. Thanks hilary!!!
  4. WAY TO GO Zacorey. I love the black. I am still trying to make up my mind about color. Was the luggage really light or medium or dark tan? Why did you not like the luggage?
  5. Thanks kathleen!:flowers: The luggage was too light for me! It was really light in color. I just feel more comfortable with darker shade!

    Here's the luggage~
  6. Its gorgeous.. congratulations :smile:
  7. I just wanted to show all the HH fans about the myspace page, did you see it???

    It has some funny stuff on it, especially the blogs!! :yahoo:
  8. I hadn't seen this yet. Checking it out now. Thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks so much everyone!!! I really love it! I just took her to Bloomies! LOL I will check out the blog!
  10. never seen that bag until now... looks really nice, congrats..
  11. Thanks blu!!!!!!!!!!:flowers: :heart:
  12. WHOOP! That bag is so Rock 'n' Roll - :heart:love it! I want a few many bags...out love......*sigh*
  13. Thanks for posting this! I have never seen it before but I LOVE that bag!!
  14. Dumb question but who sells those bags? I love your bag!
  15. Kitkats~ thank girl! She's been rockin and rollin with me since she got here!:jammin:

    Pewter~ Thanks sweetie!:smile:

    claudia~ it Hayden Harnett~ Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories ;)