My new love-Chloe Paraty Bag!!!

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  1. Hi girls,I just join in!!! I see you are all in love with the PARATY -me tooo!!!I just order my Phyton Paraty from England.I'm soooo Happy!!! The only problem is they will not ship this to Canada because it's phyton. So I had to ship it to my sister in Poland.I know-all this and $$$$ 4000 later.Probable,you all think that I'm crazy!!!For those who are looking to buy one in black leather or pink go to ( that's in England). Check the store but for me looks OK. I just check and they still have it for 843.48 GBP That's a very good price.Don't wait ,they are impossible to get! Good luck,I can't wait for mine!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Hope it arrives soon for you after the detour in Poland! :yes:
  3. Congrats :yahoo:!!! We want pics, pics...when you get it!
  4. oooo pics pics pics!!
  5. Thank you ! It's going to be a long time before I will have it but it's worth the wait.I will post the pics for sure! Let me know if anybody check the web I've posted before.:smile: