My new love...and it's called Ramona

  1. I went shopping with a friend this weekend, and fell head over heels for the Jimmy Choo Ramona bag:


    I bit the bullet and purchased it - my most expensive bag purchase ever..BUT, I had to have it. It's ginormous on me (5'3"), but once you put things in there, surprisingly not as large as you'd think. I debated getting the Riki, which is a smaller version, but I think the Ramona fits my daily lifestyle better.

    I will post actual pictures later tonight, but it is the same exact one as the picture above from Neiman's - khakis colored.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Oh...that bag is inspiring serious feelings of lust.
  3. very lovely! and nice color as well.. will go perfectly this fall.
  4. SuLi, what a surprised! You ended up getting something out of your choices. Congrats! =)

    I tried Patent Leather Ramona (in Bordeaux) on in real life, it doesn't look as big when worn on the shoulder. If I remember correctly, this version is more of the size of Riki though.
  5. Thanks! I still have the Stam in my possession though. I do feel kind of bad about the whole situation with it. Maybe I'll bring a friend with me to make the return.
  6. Go with what you love. =) Try both bags with various outfits, which bag do you see yourself wearing more often?
  7. Yes I'm in love with this bag also since seeing it on Victoria Beckham. I didn't see the Riki, it's the same but smaller? I would love to see that.
  8. I am in LOVE with this bag. I tried on the patent version but am considering a brown or cream one.
  9. I love this bag as well ... the more I see pics of it, the more I like it. I do prefer the Ramona over the Stam. Maybe you can post pics of you carrying the stam and the ramona ... that way you can see which bag looks better on you.
  10. Very Cute!!!!
  11. Congrats to you! It's a beautiful bag! I have my eye on the bordeaux patent leather Riki.
  12. So pretty.
  13. Congrats Suli. I'm still oogling the Ramonas at Saks. They are a gorgeous bag, but OUCH the price!
  14. Suli - that is a great bag. I saw it IRL and it is TDF. Congrats. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  15. HOO YEAH!! That's one hot bag! Congrats and enjoy.