My new Love!!!!! <3

  1. Sorry for the not-so-good pic, I'm at work and took it w/my iphone.... just too excited....

    I LOVE this bag!!!!

    Large Ergo Hobo, with patent trim! :tup:

    (hehe you can see fashionistas thread on the comp)
  2. I dressed her up w/my BCR charm and I stole the scarf from the Ergo Hippie. I love pink & black together!
  3. so adorable candac... very beautiful... LOVE the matching accesories... very nice for Valentines! Congrats!! :tup:
  4. Very cute!!
  5. I totally LOVE the pink on that black bag!!:heart: It's GORGEOUS!!! Did you get that with your exchange???
  6. CUTE!!!!! I LOVE that bag!!!!!
  7. It's very cute.
  8. I didn't want to sing it to the world, only b/c of what happened in that other thread, but yes. And I got the Pink heritage stripe makeup case and mini skinny.
  9. Congrats!!! I'm so glad you did it!! Great Choices!!:tup:
  10. you know what, screw it.....

    yes I exchanged... GET OVER IT! :smile:

    that felt good lol
  11. Now i'm liking that bag, does it hold much?

    congra'ts.What is that heart you have attached ?

  12. :roflmfao: It's BEAUTIFUL! I see the leather on the corners.I see a good-sized black bag. much was it if I may ask. Oh and modeling pic PLEASE!!!
  13. that's a great pic, she's so pretty in pink!
  14. LOVE the pink accents you put on that bag! Its stunning!!! I'm really loving the patent leather trim on the new Ergos. GREAT CHOICE!!!!!:tup: ENJOY HER!!!;)
  15. Beautiful ergo. I love the patent trim and the scarf!