My New Louis Vuitton Indulgences .. Stacking Bracelets

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    Start off my 2019 New Year Stacking my New Louis Vuitton bracelets. Can’t get enough of them!

    Left - LV Circle Reversible, Keep It Twice Monogram, Gold LV Twist, Red LV Confidential and LV Tribute.

    Right - LV Angel, Monogram Confidential, Must Have Square and Cartier Love Bracelet.
    7882436D-C00B-483C-9FF3-EDA916F8F52E.jpeg DDD08DF5-4DEB-4B7B-AFA5-F9B067EBB9B9.jpeg
  2. :loveeyes:
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  3. Love your stack!!!
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  4. Thanks!!
  5. Wow, you definitely have some gorgeous bracelets, eye candy! I just bought my first LV bracelet last week - Yummy lv, loving it so far although size 19 is just a bit too big, would have loved if they made it in size 18 as 17 was just a bit too tight.

    I'm fairly new to Louis Vuitton, lately it reminds me of Paris and France in general - haha. Haven't been to Europe since the summer of 2017 - miss it and buying LV makes me feel like I'm in Europe or something. True retail therapy.
  6. Gorgeous!