My new Loubouton Wedgies!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    My wedgies arrived today and here they are.....

    They're a 41 - do they look too small? They certainly are comfortable so they don't feel small. I got them from Theresa in Germany and they didn't have any larger sizes. What do you think?

    PS - I need a pedicure and I don't normally swan around with my jeans rolled up like this. Honest

    PPS - One of the bows looks funny as I undid it and didn't tie it back properly
    DSCN1116.jpg DSCN1117.jpg DSCN1119.jpg DSCN1121.jpg DSCN1108.jpg
  2. I think it fits okay ... your heel isn't hanging over in the back. Very cute wedges, they look very comfy!
  3. CUTE!!

    I was hoping you were talking about shoes when you called them 'wedgies!' LMBO!
  4. Those are cute.
  5. I love them! They look very cute on you :smile:
  6. Very nice!! They look perfect.
  7. Thank you Lovely Lay-dees!

    They don't look too small? I always look at people's feet and notice when shoes are too small (and i hate the way that looks)
  8. wow, thy're gorgeous!!!
    congrats on your new purchase!!!:love: them!!!
  9. very cute!
  10. Like I said before, you really need to give them to me, nudge nudge, hint hint! :biggrin:

    Very fab. I knew they'd suit you, since my wedges had looked really nice on you when you tried them. Fab find.
  11. cute! they look fine to me! i like these, great for summer!!!
  12. So cute!!!! Congrats! Also, they don't looks too small!
  13. They look fine on you! Very cute...enjoy them!
  14. LOVE!!! Congrats...they look perfect on you!
  15. Very pretty!