My new Louboutins...

  1. Here are some pictures!

    with flash: IMG_0012.jpg





    Aren't they lovely? :heart: They sort of remind me of manolos as well for some reason...
  2. Gorgeous - congrats:smile:
  3. Lovely!!!
  4. They are lovely! I have them in kid instead of patent. Love them!

  5. So cute!
  6. congrats!!
  7. beautiful!
  8. Cute! I like them!
  9. oooh lovely, are they the iowa's ??
  10. I love these! Gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous! :heart: The Iowas are one of my favorite CLs from this season.
  12. love these!
  13. those are hot!
  14. Those are GORGEOUS!

    Did you have to buy a size bigger than your regular shoe size? I ordered the same pair online, but have been reading that they are quite narrow in the front.

  15. it's beautiful, congrats.