My New Louboutin Ribbon Espadrilles =)

  1. I love these! I wanted something for spring/summer and something that wasn't too high, because I don't feel like wearing 4-inch shoes everyday. (lol) These seems to be comfortable. I haven't worn them yet (just got 'em) so we'll see. I wear a 7.5-8, and these are a 39...they fit perfectly. I don't want to wear them because I don't want to get the pretty sole scratched up. lol
    louboutin 002 400x299.jpg louboutin 003 300x400.jpg louboutin 004 400x299.jpg louboutin 005 400x299.jpg
  2. I love these! I was umming and ahhing over the silver ones earlier today ;)
  3. I know! I'm really refraining from getting one in every color. lol
  4. :love: love em
  5. I have these tooooo!!!!! :yes:

    Unfortunately the soles do scratch up quite easily :crybaby: Most of the red from mine have gone...
  6. Oooooooooooo...they are so pretty! Please do PM me and let me know if they are actually comfy to walk in. I"m considering getting a pair but am worried the woven part may be "scratchy" and painful.

    Someone mentioned getting clear rubber stick-ons to protect the red bottoms of Louboutin shoes. They're made by Foot Petals and are called rubber soles/stopers or something.
  7. Oohhhhhhh, very pretty!!

    Love them :smile:
  8. cute shoes
  9. Looks good!
  10. Cute!!!
  11. pretty! i want them too
  12. :heart: It! I wish I bought my CataRibbon in black. Looks good on you too :yes:
  13. i was looking for the rubber foot petals thing to put under the soles, where can i find them?
  14. I LOVE Them! I have them in beige and mocha but now I'm loving the black!! (Like I need another pair of black shoes! LOL)

    You are right - that style runs CRAZY SMALL. Anyone who is buying online make sure you get 1 size larger. I am a 36.5 or 37 and I took a 38 in this style.

  15. Hi, I purchased mine from ALDO SHOES store. They were 10 bux I believe. Just keep in mind though, once you put them on they're going to be hard to remove (if you're planning to do so).