~My New London Sole Flats~

  1. I love these shoes! They are sooo comfy!!!

    I got the plain Black Leather & Olive Crocs...
    Thanks for letting me share! :heart:

  2. nice. =)
  3. beautiful! Can you tell me where I can buy london sole? I will be visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego, and I will appreciate if you can tell me what store carry this brand?
  4. I love London Sole... I'm waiting on a pair of red ones in the mail!
    I know they have a store in Santa Monica, but I've only ever bought online at www.londonsole.com

    Shopbop also carries them.

    Santa Monica
    1331 Montana Avenue,
    Santa Monica,
    CA. 90403
  5. cute! i bet they're comfy!
  6. Very cute!
  7. Ohhh!! They are just too cute!
  8. I don't believe they have a store in either of those places you mentioned - with the exception to Santa Monica (as tweetie stated).

    I got mines from the San Francisco boutique. :heart:

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words!
  9. Enjoy them! The olive is such a great color...
  10. Congrats!
    They are both lovely, that;s such a pretty shade of green!
  11. Thank you ada & lv-lover! I wore the Olive Crocs today and love them even more - lol!!!
  12. I like the black ones :smile:
  13. those look so cute! i just got the black croc pirouette. are those the pirouettes or the lowcuts?
  14. Thank you floatsmyboat and azaelea!!!
  15. they're cute, enjoy!