my NEW logo saddle bag!

  1. My boyfriend surprised me with the Dior logo saddle bag for my birthday! Isn`t he the sweetest? I love him to death! :smile: I always wanted this bag because it`s such a Dior classic. This is definitely one of my better birthdays! :yahoo:
    Picture 012.jpg Picture 013.jpg Picture 014.jpg
  2. great gift, sounds like a sweet guy!
  3. congrats !
  4. Love the saddle!! congrats!
  5. Congrats and happy birthday! It's a beauty!
  6. Very classico, never go out of style:jammin: . I have one in black with embroided black flowers.
  7. I have that one too!!!! :yes:

    Congrats!!! I love Dior saddle! =D Happy belated birthday:yes: !!

  8. LoooooL, how funny, where did you get yours from? And how much?
    I have not met anyone who has this bag :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .
  9. Cute. You got a couple of nice bags for your birthday (Truffe City and this one). Congrats on this bag too (and a nice BF).
  10. How sweet of your boyfriend!
  11. My boyfriend bought it at the Dior in Waikiki. I had gone in with him previously to look at it but it turns out he had been scheming all along :love: It was the same price as it is on eluxury ($790). Thanks to everyone!
  12. nice, a classic!
  13. Congrats on the new bag :yahoo:
  14. Happy bday and he is a KEEPER! :yahoo:

    Speaking of Dior in Waikiki, I was there two weeks ago. The SAs were not very nice. I ended up going to the Alamoana(sp?) mall's Dior and made my purchase there.
  15. :yahoo: Congrats!!! Your boyfriend is sooo sweet:tender: Happy belated B-day and enjoy!!!!:flowers: