My New "Little Palm"... i.e. Palmetto Goatskin Mini Cabat

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  1. I have a confession: When I would look at all of the available mini cabat colors and put them in order of my favorites, the Palmetto would usually end up last. I mean, with Ink and Orchid, how could any color(s) compete? Only thing was, my eye kept going back to this multi colored mini cabat. It was an unexplainable magnetic attraction.

    When the most current list of Hawaii Mini Cabat Inventory was displayed (, the (my) Palmetto was no longer showing as available.

    I felt a bit of relief initially because I had just bought a nero mini cabat last month:

    To convince myself that this mini cabat was no big deal, I took my laptop with a picture of the Palmetto on it to my closet to prove that it didn't coordinate with my wardrobe. Well, that was a horrible idea because it worked surprisingly well with quite a few outfits. At that point, I gave up resisting ("resistance is futile" to Borg and BV it seems) and contacted B in Hawaii who said there was one waiting for me with my name on it. she is!

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  2. Here are some closeups...the weather is kind of iffy so the lighting isn't the best. I think I like this better than my nero!

    Due to a big project I'm working on, I won't be taking anymore pictures, but the forum has quite a few good ones already! :biggrin:

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  3. Beautiful, Miss_Fancy! I love the weaving with primary colors. And the mini's aren't easy to find.

    Big congrats to you and wear her in good health:smile:
  4. :yahoo: Wow! Beautiful. :yahoo:

    I love my multi color striped bomb of a bag. It will go with way more than you think. Congrats!
  5. Thanks, BL - you are so right!

    Thanks, Boxermom! I had to get this before they were all gone. I wish the mini wouldn't go away but now I'm out of bag spending money for a long time so it would not be a good thing for a "Moon mini" to suddenly be produced :nuts:
  6. such fun little bag - congrats!
  7. Congratulations!!! Just looking at it and all the happy colours puts a smile on my face.
  8. its gorgeous..congrats

  9. That's a great description of how I felt when I opened the box, sngsk! :girlwhack:

    Thank you, LV_PRADAfanatic & thedseer!! :smile:
  10. Bryan is the BV Miracle Man. So glad he had one waiting for you. That was meant to be!!!! Wear it in health and happiness.
  11. Miss_FancyBags- congratulations. i love that cabat and loved it when it first came out. love the goat skin and all the colors and the ebano handles. just perfect. i think it will go with a ton of things. good to know it is no longer available.
  12. Miss_FancyBags - congrats! I'm so glad that many of the remaining minis are going to tpfers (so I can enjoy vicariously). LOVE the palmetto - she's beautiful!

  13. He certainly is!! Thank you, drsamba for your kind words :smile:
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    Thanks, Annie9999! I think there still may be a few left of this one since I had a few choices of numbers for the bag. The thread here shows it wasn't available, but I just think that the palmetto just wasn't included in update of available minis (just in case you're interested...) The goat is fabulous - structured and sturdy but with that amazing leather smell! :nuts:
  15. Thank you, cecicat!!