my new little LV from DH

  1. I got this from my hubby yesterday but I don't know what it is.. He said it's like a wallet. but there are no compartments inside.. someone please tell me what it is.

  2. maybe it is a coin purse??:weird:
  3. Is this the thing called a plate? I thought I saw a post on this before. I'm no expert.
  4. umm it's too big for a coin purse.. it looks small in the pic.. but it's a little smaller then the pochette, without the strap.
  5. how big is it?
  6. Kylie i have this in Fushia. I use it all the time. I put money, credit cards ect. Its really cute coming out of the Bat Hor!
    Enjoy it!
  7. You could use it like a mini-pochette. Cash, cell phone, coins, etc.
  8. That looks like a pochette plate, you could use that as a coin purse, or small wallet.
  9. then what's it for???:huh: :amuse: can you carry it like a pochette???
  10. according to the eluxury description:

    "The bold color of the microfiber lining vividly shows through the classic monogram canvas on Louis Vuitton's Pochette Plate. Perfectly sized to carry on its own or stored in a larger Louis, this fabulous member of the Monogram Perforation collection is an absolute must-have."

    i guess u can carry as a little clutch or use it as an accessories bag inside a purse.....either way very cute :P
  11. Very cute! Nice hubby! Enjoy it!
  12. oh, i didn't think of that!!! you are right!!:lol:
  13. Oh cute, its like a little pouch!