**My New Little Love I Got Today..ReVeaL**

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  1. Who wants to see my new cosmetic bag that I got from Coach today? It's my new favorite thing!
  2. I'm here!!
  3. Here!!
  4. Bring it on!
  5. Let's see!
  6. Here she is...the new Poppy Cosmetic Case (Large size). I absoultely LOVEEEE this pattern and color and just couldn't resist. I already have a smaller cosmetic bag from Marc Jacobs but I decided I need more space for mini deo, body spray, tissues etc...and this is PERFECTION!
  7. How cute and colorful!
  8. very cute! I have the universal case in the same patter. love it.
  9. I love it, I have it on my wishlist.
  10. Totally cute!! I need a cosmetic case! I was considering this one too. Not sure what size though. Enjoy it! Congrats!
  11. How cute!! I love the color and the heart zipper.
  12. It's super cute. Enjoy it :biggrin:
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Don't think twice about getting this! It's so perfect and depending on how much makeup/other necessities you carry in your makeup bag, go for a smaller one if you carry less and the bigger one if you need more space. No regrets for me in getting the bigger one, it's perfect and fits everything and still doesn't take up too much room in my bags.
  15. Cosmetic case twins!! I have the blue/purple one!!! :biggrin: