My NeW Little Love!!!! :D

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  1. Today I have purchase a cute LV thing....
    After I read many topics about this..., This is my gift to myself for a very important and hrd exam I have passed.

    Some pics for you...! :biggrin:


    little shopping bag...

  2. little square box...
  3. oh yay! my first live reveal experience!.. and then???
  4. and this is my first live post :biggrin:
  5. tataaaaaa!!!!

    Zippy coin in pomme!

  6. O:huh: congrats... she's a beauty! :biggrin:
  7. Now my wallet cry but.... it's a wondeful wallet! :biggrin: I'm happy!
  8. A lovely little wallet.
  9. thank you! This is not my first item :biggrin: I've already batignoless vertical, tikal pm (Now don't exit) mini accessories azur, earring loops sweety and mc bandeau, but I have already a plan for a future thing....speedy azur 30!!! I love LV, but my Visa don't love it so much :biggrin:

    ps. I would talk with you much more, but my english is so poor.
  10. Very nice, congrats!

    Your English is good, don't worry, chat away here. If anyone doesn't understand something they can ask. Have fun on TPF!
  11. Very nice! Congrats on your new wallet!
  12. Congrats!! I have the same one and love it so much, I'm sure you will too! :biggrin:
  13. Lovely wallet, congrats!
  14. Very pretty, congrats!
  15. sooooo cute! love the pomme!!!