My new little blue B-bag collection!

  1. For those interested in seeing two kinds of blues side-by-side (with flash and without flash), here are:
    Cornflower F/W 06 First
    Navy F/W 05 City

    I love blue bags! citychris, your Indigo PreS 05 is probably going to be one shade darker than Navy 05? But probably with much buttary leather!
    CornflowerNavy-wf.jpg CornflowerNavy-wof.jpg CornflowerNavy-wf2.jpg CornflowerNavy-wof2.jpg
  2. Balenciaga blues are so nice. Thanks for sharing the photos, :heart: them!!
  3. I love blue bags too. More so than other colors.Nice photos.
  4. love the navy city!!!
  5. I love your blues - especially the cornflower:heart: ! Thanks for sharing your pics!
  6. Awesome!!! I can't wait til Marine comes out so i can start my blue bbag collection too!! :cutesy:
  7. Ooh, very pretty bags! The navy is especially gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. oooh very nice!
  9. Guys, is navy the same as indigo???
    Sorry if it's a dumb question, but Balenciaga has SO many blues!!
  10. skimatic10-Indigo is a Pre-Spring 2005 bag. Navy is a Fall/Winter 2005 bag.
  11. I love blue, especially the navy!
  12. Wow, beautiful blues...I need to add a blue bag to my collection:smile:
  13. :drools:

    BLUE is my fav colour of all time!!!

  14. Oh how pretty, both are gorgeous!
  15. Love them both, especially the navy. what gorgeous colors!
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