my new little barenia goodie

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  1. lookie what i got -- off ebay no less and for a song! i don't think it's ever been used -- looks brand spanking new. it's a pochette, kind of like an envelope with no pocket or lining. and the shooting star clasp is too cute, dontcha think?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. The leather is really amazing! I want to rub it - Congrats!!!
  3. DQ--what an amazing find! The shooting star clasp is beautiful! Congrats! Great pick! From your title, I was silently praying that it wasn't a 25cm Barenia Kelly.
  4. Holy Moly, that sweetie is gorgeous, DQ! How big is it? And do you know how old???? Looks like it's never been used!!!!
  5. Oooooooo, purdy!!!! What are the dimensions? Looks like one of those Rio clutches.

  6. I know, T.....I was getting ready to pour a fat glass of Scotch to calm my nerves!!!!!
  7. that's exactly what it looks like -- it's only about 6x9 and rather narrow.

    shopmom, the date stamp is a D in a square -- 2000. though wasn't '99 the shooting star year?:confused1:
  8. pretty! :nuts:
  9. I love it!!! What a marvelous find! That clasp is just fabulous. Yes, how big is it? Any chance we could have a pic of you modelling it?

    ETA: posted at the same time. Gotcha about the size!:yes:
  10. It's gorgeous! I love it:heart: , that clasp is fantastic. Congratulations on your great find, :smile: .
  11. said as if you're not gonna anyway. :P
  12. ^^LOL

    It's beautiful!!!
  13. DQ, can you stick it in your saddlebag during dressage events:yes: Better keep it away from the chicken salad sandwich (no crusts please):smile:
  14. It's so pretty. What a great find!
  15. LOL, DQ......ya got me on that one!!!!
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