My new little babies...

  1. Nice :smile:
  2. Thank you :biggrin: just staring at her now.... :cloud9:
  3. The peace and love went back... It was a cool bracelet but I didn't love it!

    No don't worry you didn't miss a reveal!
    I will sow my little bday M treat when i get a sec.. Been stupidly busy! Desperately trying t keep up on here!!!!
  4. ... Bully!!! That's not nice, calling me old and now bullying...! :giggles:
  5. Tell me about it, a couple of hours an evening easily gone being on TPF and sometimes, it's still hard to keep up :p Look forward to your reveal when you have some time x
  6. gorgeous, i love this colour!! congrats!!
  7. Ole was a term of endearment dear Shiny...I'm the old one :wacko:
  8. :giggles: I know!!!!! Although wasnt best pleased about another year... :sad:

    The presents soon cheered me up! Retail therapy... Can't beat it!
  9. Thank you... She's like the sea... Forever sparkling!! :biggrin:
  10. Presents...was one of them a M present??? :graucho: Reveeeeeeeeeeeeal :yes: :tup:
  11. So the weather is awful... Big shock...

    Stuck in and thought I'd I finally show off my little presents I got for my birthday!!!
  12. I'm here.....:wave:
  13. I'm here too before I have to go to the tip with my dad....apparently I'm more useful than boys! Can I have that in writing please?? :smile:
  14. Ha ha hi girls :biggrin: :wave:
  15. So firstly... Don't be thrown by the size of the big bag... I was!!!