My new little babies...

  1. I'm thrilled for you and we are bag twins! I was convinced you had gone for the Nightshade - I'm sure you won't regret it, especially when it's still looking good in a year and more's time....and you can use it in deepest Winter or high Summer.....Best Alexa Ever IMHO!
    Love the pink accessories - I've got a purple ostrich wallet (gift from lovely Italian friend) that looks great with my nightshade bag, but pink looks even better....
    Top decision, all hail great Purse Forum!
  2. Thank you... I agree. She is beyond beautiful... :love: and yes very much hoping she continues to look as beautiful :biggrin:

    The pink looks awesome... Bright colours make her look even more special.. I have a few more things coming for my birthday so hoping they match too :biggrin:

    ... What a lovely friend!
  3. :tup: I think this is going to be available in orange and petrol blue....
  4. Was there something wrong with it ?
  5. I missed the reveal! Oh Shiny, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! :love::love:

    I am sooo jealous!!!! I did think you went for the pb but I know you wear jeans a lot, so I wasn't 100% sure.

    Congratulations and oak and fuschia look gorgeous against her too. She's going to be very versatile! Love it!!!!
  6. Well done lovely sale purchases I am glad you got what you waited for
  7. Sorry I missed this one and they're all beauties too. :hbeat:

    Congrats shiny, you chose really well. :tup: They look fab together in their group shot and individually are v. stylish.
  8. Oh shiny. She's so beautiful. I keep flirting with this Alexa on opm boutique. But the import duties are holding me back. I know that I'm probably going to regret letting it go... :shucks:
  9. You definitely will... She is a real beauty, and irl so much better!!! Happy to take some other pics, things inside her etc if you need help deciding?!? :biggrin:
  10. There as a ty mark on the postmans lock under the flap... So never noticeable so got another 10% off.. And got the dustbag out when I got home and it rubbed off! :biggrin:
  11. Thank u :biggrin: you did... I tried t draw it out as much as I could!

    I can't wait to use her... Might stock up on some bottles of collonil :giggles:
  12. Do any of you lovely SS owners have any advice/ tips on keeping her beautiful?!? :biggrin:
  13. I thought the same but my local M.stockist says no :sad:
    She even took me in rough to the back of her shop and she looked through the paperwork and the pics she had online and there were no orange or petrol blue :sad:
  14. Wow wow wow, I absolutely love your SS Alexa, this is the bag I would really love! Great accessories as well xx
  15. Thank you daisylou.. Think you should get her!!! Twinnies :biggrin: she's a stunner! I really can't wait to use her... Let's hope the rain goes away for good soon...! :love: