My new linen Blake :)

  1. We have only one store in copenhagen that deals with MJ and they do not have that much, as it's a small store and they have other brands. Yesterday I went to look for a linen Blake....and they had one!!! :amazed:..Do I need to say how lucky I feel? I am so happy :biggrin: I love this color :love:

    Bag.lover...Thank you so much for all the detailes on colors and lining....I really appreciate it :flowers: :biggrin:
    Blake 1.JPG Blake 2.JPG Blake 3.JPG Blake 4.JPG Bæake 5.JPG
  2. It's gorgeous! I love the blue lining! Enjoy your new Blake!
  3. great find, it's lovely!
  4. What a fabulous color! Gotta love the Blake! Congrats!
  5. Congrats!!! She's absolutely breathtaking!:love::love::love: You're so lucky to have found her. It's meant to be;). Enjoy!
  6. Thanks ladies!:biggrin:
  7. Wow, another great bag in a beautiful color. Lucky you!
  8. what a beauty:biggrin:;)
  9. Cilifene, congrats! =) It's meant for you to find it, glad you love it.
    You are welcome...
  10. Thanks! ...I think so too ...It was meant for mee to find it :yes:
  11. =) Do you find Blake heavy?
  12. Yes I do, but not too heavy !! I have had a paddy so my arms are strong :lol:
  13. Cilifene - its gorgeous, congrats! :love::love::love:

  14. Love it!!!!! That blue lining is TDF!
  15. Hello dear! :graucho: ..Thanks a lot :biggrin:
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