My New Linear Stud Royal Roadie has finally Arrived!!

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  1. After a small detour with UPS my New Royal Linear Stud Roadie has arrived from Luna Boston!
    I so love the Royal color and the mixed Studs, and the Antiqued Silver hardware is amazing!

    Uploading pictures now...
  2. Taken w/o Flash

  3. Uploading some MOD shots...
  4. AWESOME. I've been eyeing this for a while and the blue is totally calling my name. I have really fallen hard for the linear studs. Can't wait to see the mod shots!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!! :drool: :faint:

    I am a sucker for anything linear stud and I LOVE it in this style!
  6. :amazed: Gorgeous!
  7. Here goes, also taken w/o flash...

  8. I am 5'4", and I feel the strap length is perfect for cross body!
  9. How much is too much Royal??? I ask as I am seriously considering the Nikki as well...I have a Nikki in Navy Luxe that I adore...
  10. it is really beautiful!! and it looks great on you!!
  11. If you love it you can't have too much! I wouldn't normally go for this color but all the reveals are killing me. I might at least need to get it in a MAC ;)
  12. Wow very cool congrats on your new bag~!
  13. Beautiful! I say you can never have too many blue bags. They go with anything! Congrats!
  14. I love blue bags and antique silver looks great!
  15. Thank you everyone! I am just loving the mixed studs, and I already knew that I would love the Roadie, as I have previously owned 2!