My new Lindy

  1. 30, etoupe, clemence

    She got home yesterday :idea:


  2. WOW!!!!!:yahoo:Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!! Etoupe in clemence is one of my favorites!
  3. :yahoo::yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    This is the EXACT lindy that i was thinking of getting - etoupe clemence is GORGEOUS!! Any chance of modelling shots??
  5. Beautiful!!! You are going to kill some of the ladies here with this one!
  6. that is great bag. enjoy it
  7. Congratulations - I think lindy is terribly chic.
  8. congrats! it's a beauty...

    Where's some modelling pics? :smile:
  9. gorgeous!! congratulations!!!!
  10. oh that is yummmy for real!! congrats! beautiful color!!!
  11. Modeling photos pleeease! I am about to order this exact bag -- but can't decide between 30 and 34. How do you like the size of this one? Does it hold alot? Do you usually carry a 35 birkin? Aah! I need to decide!

    You are soo lucky! Enjoy it!
  12. gorgeous! congrats!
  13. Beautiful and beautiful color.
  14. Yay, another Lindy!

    Hopefully you will love your Lindy as much as I love mine.
  15. Guylian - that is one gorgeous lindy! Congratulations! hNe