My new Limo Veneta !

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  1. Hi

    Just wanted to share a pic of my new bag - the color is beautiful and exactly like what I'd imagined. It's neutral and a great alternative to a white bag !

    Thanks for letting me share :P

    p/s I realise the bag is the same colour as my bathroom tiles !

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  2. The bag and color looks great on you. Limo is growing on me!
  3. gingerale, i love this color! i'm always scared of white (getting dirty, too stand-out) but this is a great light-colored alternative!! (the photo looks great, like you planned the color scheme, hee)
  4. The leather looks really great in that color. Congrats!
  5. The bag is gorgeous! I'm loving Limo more and more. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Fabulous bag gingerale – I’m bias of course as I have the medium size one!
  7. oh wow! congrats
  8. Beautiful! Congrats Gingerale. =)
  9. Yummy yummy!!!

    She's perfect! :yes:
  10. Yes, on me too..... very nice and I agree, it's the perfect alternative to a white bag! Unfortunately (or fortunately as I'm on a self imposed purse ban at this moment), I don't see any Limo bags in the boutique which is currently having a sale. I last saw a Ball in Limo but I had to find excuses (lame ones tho') not to buy it!

    Congrats.... it's beautiful!
  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments - you guys are just the best !
  12. Gingerale - that bag is beautiful on you (and your bathroom tile;) ) Congratulations! The more I see the Limo color in action, the more I like it!
  13. looks really good on you!
    the bag is beautiful! esp. the colour, love it!
    i'm considering for buying it.. but i really like the limo sloane, and it's sold out everywhere. :sad:
    btw, congrats!
  14. have you tried matches?
  15. Congrats! Beautiful bag and great color, I :heart: limo!