My new lilac 04 city

  1. This is the lilac 04 I won last week for a BIN of $829.90. She is prettier than I thought she'd be, plus she cleaned up nicely.

    The first photo is from the auction. The second and third are the way she looked when she arrived. The final two are after treatment with Lovin My Bags cleaner, Apple Guard conditioner, and LMB shine restore.
    IMG_2439-1.jpg CIMG1592.JPG CIMG1593.JPG CIMG1597.JPG CIMG1598.JPG
  2. What a great deal...i have this bag and i love it!!!!!!
  3. OMG WOW. You did a great job and that bag is TDF gorgeous!!!!:drool: Congratulations!!!!! WOW :yahoo:
  4. omg what a great deal....its a beauty congrats on the GREAT find!!!!
  5. Congratulations! Lilac is such a pretty color. You got her for a great price, too!
  6. Wow, what a great price. That bag is gorgeous. Your efforts made it look so Be-ooo-ti-ful.
  7. :heart: STUNNING!!!!!!!!:heart: Gorgeous beyond words!!!!!!!!:love: I love to see this amazing deal go to the sweetest PFer!!!!!!!!!:heart: :yahoo: :heart:
  8. Thanks, everyone. I am so pleased. I will take a photo in a little while of the lilac next to my 04 rose for color contrast.
  9. Beautiful Rondafaye! Congrats!:yes:
  10. Here are my 04 lilac and rose together. At first, I thought the lilac looked a lot like rose. But when you put them side by side, the don't look alike at all.
  11. Wow great job you did with your yummy lilac!! Love your ROSE too!
  12. good job! i love your rose!
  13. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!:yes:
  14. Congrats Ronda girl :yahoo: i love all your collections.:heart:
  15. Great deal on your lilac it is stunning! Your rose is a beauty too :love: