My New Ligne Cambon Tote!

  1. my new cambon tote arrived safely from NM! yah! i love it! :heart: i've wanted this bag for a long time, so was happy to find it on sale. i was surprised to see it was black/black calfskin, i assumed when the SA said it was black/black, she meant patent. doesn't matter, i love it anyway, can't say the same for my BF, he's turning into a PHBF. :biggrin:

    camobon tote.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, same as the bowler I'm contemplating!
  3. Congrats, it's a beautiful bag!! Did you get the medium or the small?
  4. Congratulations!:biggrin:
  5. beautiful!!
  6. So lovely!
  7. thanks everyone! :love:

    its the small size, which works best for me b/c i like hand held bags.
  8. Congratulations,it's gorgeous! I love your bamboo in the background, it makes for a beautiful picture. :o)
  9. It's beautiful! Enjoy it!
  10. That's one CLASSY tote....congrats! I didn't know any of the NM's/Saks's actually put the black/black Cambon line on sale! May I ask which NM this is from & if there might still be any left (of the black/black)? Also, how much did this cost (after the 30 or 40%)?
  11. thanks! :biggrin: its from the newport beach, ca nm (thanks to a pf tip, love this place). it was 30% off, which ended up being $765 or thereabouts. it was the last one in black/black, but i only asked about the totes, so there may have been other items.
  12. OMG! I love it! I have the flap tote in those colors and LIVE IN IT!If you ever get sick of it..Let me know!LOL!
  13. LOL! thanks jill. you're too funny! i'll keep it for now, don't want to get your PHH mad at me! LOL
  14. I was so excited I called NM and they said that the black/black tote that went on sale was the small tote, not the medium. They also said that the black with white CCs went on sale too but they're sold out, including the bowler with the white CCs. I was so confused, I'm glad that the SA cleared it up for me :shame:
  15. Very pretty! Congrats!