my new lightning montaigne!

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  1. I saw this yesterday at BV, it's really beautiful! Congrats.
  2. Thats one gorgeous bag! Congratulations on a wonderful and unique choice. There is a similar bag online at NAP, but the shape looks a little different although the detailing seems to be the same.
  3. I've only ever seen a wallet with that detailing on it until now. Wow! This bag is so chic, elegant and grown-up. Just beautiful! And the wallet (I just got the same one!) looks perfect with it, adding some soft femininity; I love how the gold ring detail is repeated in both pieces.
  4. Congratulations!!! both are beautiful and look beautiful on you!
  5. Ooh, that is a lovely bag!
  6. The bag is gorgeous! I love that wallet too - so tempted cause it was on sale!
  7. That bag is perfection and it looks great with the wallet. Congratulations!
  8. Congrats Bluegenes on your new bag, you look lovely with it. Magnolia is such a feminine color, I love how the wallet pops against the bag. :heart:
  9. Congrats on such a gorgeous bag, and an equally lovely wallet!

  10. I think I've seen this bag model somewhere but has never paid much attention to it..... but your pics telling me otherwise! It's very very smart and elegant. I like it lots! Congrats!
  11. this is gorgeous, congrats!
  12. congrats - it is gorgeous. love your wallet also! carry it in good health!
  13. It looks awesome with that wallet
  14. the bag is beautiful! congrats!