My new Lg. Sig ZOE!!!!!

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  1. Hi all,
    Haven't posted for awhile....but just got back from my Dillard's and picked up a ZOE...large in khaki/mahogany. LOVE IT!!! Traded in a 'beginning to fray' Carly (only 3 weeks old). And on the ZOE...the lilac colored inside is just stunning. Here is a picture. I got a feeling she will be a fav of mine.

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  2. Very pretty bag, congrats!
  3. Very nice!! Congratulations!! Any modeling pics??
  4. I like it. Congrats.
  5. That is beautiful! I must say, I think I'm drawn more to the Zoe than the Carly....something about her. Do show some modeling pics! :smile: And congrats!
  6. It's super cute!! Congrats!
  7. Im it
  8. Thats so gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Wow, I love it in the signature. I have the large leather in black and now I think I may need a signature one. Beautiful. Wear it in good health.
  10. I'm really loving the sig Zoe!! I want the all black one! Looks awesome!
  11. Like PurseDove said...there is just something about her??? I swear when you see her in the store you are just drawn to look closer. I did see ZOE in leather but I have to tell you the SIG looks fantastic on this bag. I also have to admit I like her much better than Carly..just me.
  12. Do they have any of the leather zoe bags out yet? I am really interested in getting one of those soon. How much is the signature version?
  13. She is beautiful :yes: Congrats
  14. The Large Signature was $398....yes, they had some leather ones...I think $398 & $498, depending on size. They also had a gorgeous mahogany FRANCINE marked down 40%.....she was so lovely.
  15. I'm going to have to stop by Dillard's again soon I think. LOL