My new Leigh!

  1. Since its almost November, I think its time to start using this bag!! Thanks once again to my daughter for taking this photo and helping me to post it!:wlae:
    leigh smallest.JPG
  2. Oh I love it!
  3. It's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
  4. I like your ghost saying hi in the background! I have never seen Leigh IRL but she looks amazing!! I love legacy!!
  5. Is that chocolate sig? GORGEOUS! Enjoy! :drool::graucho:
  6. Yes the photo is kinda grainy cause we did it from her cell phone, but it is the chocolate signature! This is probably going to be one of my ALL TIME favorite bags, along with my plum belted ergo and the juniper legacy I'm getting for Christmas.
  7. Wow it is sooo beautiful! I am in love with the Leigh right now, just wish I could afford one. I love it with the legacy print scarf!!
  8. It's beautiful! Congrats! I love how it looks with the scarf too!
  9. BEAUTIFUL with the scarf! I just got a Choco Sig Leigh too and it is now my new fave! It's amazing what I can fit inside and she is just so classy!

    Congrats on the new beauty!
  10. so so very pretty! I LOVE the chocolate sig. on the leigh!
  11. This is still my most favorite 07 style! Congratulations!
  12. Your bag is just beautiful! It's like double the dose of my Legacy choco siggie shoulder bag--so elegant and rich! Enjoy it.
  13. Gorgeous bag! I love chocolate signature! It's my favorite!
  14. Love it! :smile:
  15. Lovely. I love this bag.