My New Legacy Shoulder Handbag

  1. I'm kinda new here........usually i just logged in and read the thread here.....its a great place to be and my new craze on to see all the Coach stuff that you ladies have

    anyway, here is my new legacy shoulder handbag .......arrived yesterday all the way from US.......when i opened it i was like :yahoo:.....i just :heart: my new handbag :yes:
    coach legacy.jpg coach legacy2.jpg coach legacy3.jpg
  2. Great choice!!!!!!!!:tup: I love this bag, too----It was the first Coach bag I purchased in multiple holds so much and rides well on the shoulder. I love the chocolate/white combo you chose...just beautiful!

    Enjoy your new bag!:yahoo:
  3. thanks JB.......i saw your collection and all i can say is WOW ....especially your legacy have a beautiful collection............hopefully in the near future....i will be able to own one in leather :smile:
  4. Welcome! That is a beauty - so crisp and classic looking.:tup: Great choice.
  5. Beautiful bag and use it well :yes:
  6. I love this color combo!! congrats!!
  7. WELCOME! I love that style bag! Enjoy!:tup:
  8. Gorgeous! I love this style bag. I had one in black but I returned it for an Ali-I've been having shoulder bag withdrawal ever since. I need to score one in pond or in signature-my collection demands it. The chocolate that you got is so pretty too.
  9. Welcome and congrats on your lovely bag. I love the Legacy shoulders - they are a nice size and fit really well.
  10. thanks to all and for the warm welcome :smile:
  11. Lovely.
    I agree, great choice and very classic:tup:
  12. Gorgeous bag, congrats Allure.. :tup:
  13. Gorgeous bag! :drool: You have great taste! :tup:
  14. What a way to start the day with fresh Legacy! I love it :heart:
  15. Very pretty bag-welcome to TPF