My new legacy shoulder bag!

  1. Ok, I've been debating this baby ever since it came! I absolutely adore the color (thanks to all the ladies who helped me make that decision!), and I think fewer people will wind up with this version of the bag, since if I were to get it in leather, I'd get the whiskey color which I know is very popular, but I'm torn on whether or not I should keep it.

    Here's my concern - I am definitely going to try to baby it (and will use protectant on it), but I'm so worried it'll stain and get ruined. Now I have the suede fringe duffle from last fall (?) and it's all creams and lighter colors and I've had no problems with that, but for some reason, I just keep thinking that this will get ruined somehow, so I sart thinking that I should exchange it for the leather version.

    But then I remember that (hopefully) within a couple of weeks, my embossed book tote will return to me, so I already have a brown, all-leather bag that I can switch to when weather or clothing choices don't permit this bag. And, as I mentioned before, I really love this color and think it makes the bag so unique (not to mention the metallic trim - I'm a sucker for metallic leather!).

    So what do you think?
    legacy 1.JPG legacy 2.JPG legacy 3.JPG legacy 4.JPG
  2. beautiful!!! :smile: I think that you should keep it, especially if you have another good "basic" leather bag to use when the book tote returns. The legacy is absolutely gorgeous and very unique. If you haven't had trouble w/the lighter fringe duffle, this bag won't be a problem- especially if you do use some kind of protectant.

    One of my friend has a Coach suede demi in the plums and she hasn't use a protectant. She used for nights out and has even spilled wine on it. She showed me the spots and how she cleaned it (using the kit it comes with), and the bag looks perfect.

    I just think that this bag is a KEEPER!!
  3. That color is amazing! Congrats and it's definitely a keeper! :wlae:
  4. dusty paws and purseaddict - thanks so much for the compliments. You're definitely making this decision a lot easier! And purseaddict, that's really good to know about your friend - I can't believe the bag is ok and she hasn't even used protectant - good for her! Again, thanks for the comments!
  5. willowsmom, I think your bag is beautiful and unique and I also think that you will regret it if you return it. I think you should keep it and enjoy.
  6. Love the color! Beautiful bag
  7. Love the plum color! If it were a lighter color, I'd say return it - but the color is dark enough that even if you got something on it, it wouldn't really show!
    Now I think I want it! :smile:
  8. It's so pretty, it's a keeper!! I had a suede tote in a berry color and I didn't treat it and was completely careless with it after its first year, and it still looked amazing for two more years. For some reason that purple suede just doesn't pick up dirt like you might anticipate a suede bag would. I finally sold it because I wanted a different bag, but it was still looking good!
  9. Well, you guys have definitely convinced me to keep it - thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    vanojr- it's so nice to hear that you had a similarly colored suede bag that held up well!

    mokoni - I think you're right about me regretting it if I return it. Every time I think about taking it back, I start thinking about how much I love the color of this bag.

    bearonica - go for it! Then we can be "Coach twins"! LOL!
  10. That's a beautiful color!! Congrats!
  11. I can't see the photo for some reason? :sad:
  12. Keep it!! :nuts: The color is gorgeous.
  13. Definitely a keeper! It's lovely!
  14. Wow, that's lovely! Love the color!

  15. Gorgeous bag.